Profiles: Lauryn Hill

 Many may recognise her as Rita in Sister Act 2, the mega talented girl with an attitude  issue. To only know her from this small role is to deprive yourself of one of the most  original and refreshing musicians walking this earth.

From collaborating with Wyclef Jean and Pras to form The Fugees, spawning classic  anthems such as Fu-Gee-La and Ready or Not as well as many famous covers and re-  imaginings of classic songs, Lauryn Hill has always been an influential figure, regardless of  her diminutive frame.

Now famous for her supposed eccentricity, Lauryn Hill has remained throughout her  career consistently different, every word she says measured and calculated to reach an  audience willing to listen, confusing those seeking what they wish to hear.

Lauryn Hill produces music that can inspire you to write, to think, to dance, to love and to cry, and it is with the anticipation of all these things that I request you to listen.

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Weekly Playlist

Every week our writers would like to present what inhabits our heads, with no particular theme or recurrent motif.


So this is our first installment of a weekly insight into our madness.

Yeah I’m pretentious, eat a dick.

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The Horrors – Skying

Somehow, many people are still surprised and perhaps even slightly annoyed that they have to take The Horrors seriously now. Whether they never heard Primary Colours, or are simply still bitter about the ringing in their ear from the last time they heard Sheena Is a Parasite isn’t entirely clear.

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Overlooked Classics: American Football

Despite releasing just a single self-titled studio album during their rather brief lifespan, American Football certainly left their mark on the landscape of late 90’s indie rock. Formed in 1997 in Illinois and borne out of the same Midwestern scene that gave birth to bands such as Braid, The Promise Ring and Jimmy Eat World, American Football maintained their emo roots with confessional song writing while managing to create a mellower, more relaxing sound more akin to post-rock and math rock, similar to bands such as fellow Illinoisans Tortoise. Read more…

Incubus – If Not Now, When?

Incubus are one of those bands that have a select (although extensive) group of fans that believe they are the best to have ever existed. To the uninitiated, the name conjures images of thrash and death metal. This album is proof that those assumptions are entirely wrong.

Despite being placed in the Metal sections of music shops, Incubus have always focused on melodies over noise. Each album has shifted the sonic arrangements towards a softer sound, If Not Now, When? the most extreme example of this.

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Cults – Cults

Who knows whether Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion had any idea how fitting the name ‘Cults’ would be to describe their followers when they chose it. Their three-song EP last year was massive on the internet, in particular the sunny, upbeat Go Outside. So much acclaim, so early could only lead to Cults becoming massively hyped. In fact, they’re so hyped that a particular free, London-based magazine reviewed their support set for Yuck, rather than the headliners themselves (Coincidentally, where I first saw and heard them). So, as always with bands this built up, the question is of whether to believe the hype.

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Saturday at Hop Farm 2011

It’s amazing how much joy so many people can get out of standing squished together for hours with little food and drink and absolutely shattered by the end. I doubt more than a handful who went to the Saturday of this year’s Hop Farm Festival in Kent, however, regretted it.

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